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Through its in-house engineering office, Ovoconcept offers egg professionals the latest technologies.

Equipment around the egg...
  • Special egg robot range
  • Packing machines
  • Conveyors
  • Plastic tray
  • Plastic pallet
  • Plastic divider
  • All plastic range
  • Tray washer
  • Divider and pallet washer

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  • Liquid egg production line from 250 kg/hour
  • Egg breaker from 7 000 to 180 000 eggs/hour
  • Loaders destackers (feeding of the machine)
  • Egg shell centrifuge
  • Egg filter and Cooling system
  • Pasteurizer and homogenizer
  • Storage tanks
  • Bag in box packer

  • Grading machines
  • Automatic vision system
  • Farm packers
  • Sorting table
  • Egg marking
  • Repacker
  • Omelette & pancake production line
  • Shell drying
  • Processing of clear eggs from hatchery
  • Ultra-violet treatment
  • Egg washing
Source image : Filières Avicoles
After more than 150 robotised installations with egg professionals, OVOCONCEPT has begun to apply its know-how for the agri-food industry!

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