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Egg packing

Latest technology

Through its in-house engineering office, Ovoconcept offers egg professionals the latest technologies

Renowned for their reliability and solidity, the packers and graders benefit from careful manufacture and the latest equipment.  They have integral automatic vision system.  This is suitable for the treatment of white and brown eggs.  With a desire for total quality, the graders and packers meet the strictest hygiene specifications.

Ovoconcept offers a whole range of machines for egg marking.

Our categories of machines and their processes
  • Egg grader with or without automatic candling system, capacity of 2,200 to 45,000 eggs/hour
  • Egg packers from 14,000 to 80,000 eggs/hour
  • Egg sorting table
  • Repacker 18,000 eggs/hour
  • Machines for marking eggs with stamps or an inkjet
  • Manual stamp from 1 to 30 stamps