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Liquid egg and egg powder

Liquid egg: an activity in the making...

The consumption of liquid egg is increasing at the expense of the consumption of shell eggs.  While the creation of egg products is a response to the change in lifestyles, it also makes it possible to better regulate a saturated local market, to deal with unsold products and to recycle downgraded eggs. Aware of these economic issues, the Ovoconcept team assists its clients in recycling their eggs in other ways.

Our specialists master the technology of egg products. From the simple driver line to the most sophisticated industrial equipment, we offer turnkey installations. With, if necessary, a customised training plan to launch this activity with confidence.

Powdered egg?  Let's talk about it…

Do you struggle with the markets for your shell eggs?  Do you not have a suitable cold chain in your region?  Do you want to export?

Ovoconcept has developed Ovodry drying towers for you. They enable the manufacture of egg powder (whole, white, yolk) destined for human consumption. This dried product has the advantage of being able to be stored for between 12 and 18 months. Once pasteurised, the liquid egg can be dried and marketed in powder form to specific customers or for export markets.

Within its engineering office, Ovoconcept has designed a range of small "Ovodry" units, producing from 4 to 52 kg powder per hour, which is a liquid equivalent of 16 to 200 kg/hour. The principle makes it possible to obtain egg powder of excellent quality.

Our categories of machines and their processes
  • Egg breakers with a capacity of 7 000 to 180 000 eggs/hour
  • ZB100 loader from 10,000 to 45,000 eggs/hour
  • Gemini 250 loader from 30,000 to 90,000 eggs/hour
  • CRONO loader from 30,000 to 180,000 eggs/hour
  • Egg breaker
  • Shell centrifuge
  • Filter and Chiller
  • Pasteurizer and homogenizer
  • Storage tank
  • Bag in box
Ovodry system