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Thanks to its know-how and its involvement in the poultry sector in many countries, Ovoconcept offers you a wide choice of technical solutions in order to propose the best option for the project, the product and the result sought.

Our second hand equipment around the egg...

Update on 17/02/2020

Egg grader capacity from 2 200 to 45 000 eggs/h
Farmpackers capacity from 16 000 to 80 000 eggs/hour
Egg palletizer and depalletizer, palletizing boxes and egg-boxes, putting egg cartons into boxes
We can offer  you complete second-hand lines (equipment completely revised in our Workshops. Capacities going from 250 to 6000 kg / hour In whole egg or yolk/white separation

Capacity levels for whole eggs are between 500 and 6 000 kg per hour.

We also offer a Pasteurisation system by batch with capacity 230 litres , adapted to small units.

Tank capacity is between 500 and 25 000 litres or more

Hard-boiled egg production line

Omelette & pancake production line

You wish to sell your material, Ovoconcept proposes you the repurchase of your former machine