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Egg breakers
  • Egg breakers with a capacity of 7 000 to 180 000 eggs/hour

Our egg breakers (separation of yolk and white, or not) enable you to carry out breaking under the best possible conditions in terms of hygiene and productivity while avoiding product loss as much as possible through optimal shell drainage.The smallest capacity is 7,000 eggs/hour (whole egg production only). Our range of white/yolk separating breakers vary from 9,000 to 180,000 eggs/hour thanks to advanced cup separation technology combined with a high performing scanner.

The breakers can be connected directly to the farm packer or powered by unstacking machine loaders adapted to different capacities. The equipment, manufactured in stainless steel, is robust, completely washable and can be disinfected.

Ovoconcept creates complete "turnkey" lines. Our internal engineering research department studies each case in close collaboration with the client, and determines the best options according to the volumes and products the client wishes to process.

We can offer you capacities from 250 to 6,000 kg/hour in whole eggs or in white/yolk separation.

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